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Tito Ortiz - Beyond Fame And Fortune

June 01, 2022 Rhonda Swan - Season 5 Episode 12
The Rhonda Swan Show
Tito Ortiz - Beyond Fame And Fortune
Show Notes

Money. Fame. Influence.

If you have all those things, many would say you made it.

Our guest, Tito Ortiz, has reached all of those things.

But he doesn‘t settle…

What more could he do you ask?

Let me introduce him first.

Tito Ortiz is a 5 time UFC World Champion, and a member of the California Wrestling Hall of Fame. But he is also a business man. He runs his successful clothing line called Punishment Athletics Enterprises, and is a TV celebrity.

You might have seen him in „Celebrity Apprentice“, or seen his bestseller book „This is gonna hurt“.

But this American success story doesn‘t stop there…

Besides being world famous athlete, entrepreneur and celebrity, he also supports children charities, the US military and is a proud father.

Do you wonder how he does it all❓

Make sure to watch this week‘s episode and learn from Tito Ortiz, a man that doesn‘t let anything get in the way of success!🔥

It was so inspiring to have him on The Rhonda Swan Show.

Don‘t forget to check out his instagram @titoortizig !

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Host: Rhonda Swan @rhondaswan

Guest: Tito Ortiz @titoortizig
Executive Producer: Neleke McDermott @nelekejean
Booking Producer: James Clark @clark_public_relations
Filmmaker: Denis Gapone @dgapone
Hair: Fikri Halim @fikrihalim