The Rhonda Swan Show

Sandra Bledsoe - The Cutting Edge Of The Anti-Ageing Movement

July 20, 2022 Rhonda Swan - Season 6 Episode 4
The Rhonda Swan Show
Sandra Bledsoe - The Cutting Edge Of The Anti-Ageing Movement
Show Notes

Before opening Revenge MD, Sandy obtained her degree in Communications with a focus on Public Relations. From there, she found her passion in leading and helping others and started her journey by opening a weight loss clinic in Las Vegas that focused on a “Paleo-Phentermine” approach, which was the #1 weight loss clinic on the West Coast.

In 1998, Botox became FDA-approved and was put on the market. Sandy took it upon herself to find a class to learn how to administer it herself. She became one of the top injectors in the US with one of the largest followings.

When Sandy saw how much she could raise her clientele’s self-esteem and the way they felt about themselves from Botox and injectables, she realized how much she enjoyed being part of the beauty industry. 

At that point, she knew she wanted to be part of an industry that was so focused on raising confidence and providing happiness to other women. 

Sandy continued to learn more ways she could improve whilst teaching others and passing along her expertise.

In 2017, a law was put into place that only allowed registered nurses to administer injectables, and although Sandy could no longer administer them as a medical assistant, she didn’t let that stop her from being part of something she loved so much. 

She then took the opportunity to hire registered nurses that shared her same philosophy and went from being a do-er to a teacher. 

Sandra and her team of injector trainers developed the “PTSP Method” for administering cosmetic injectables and popularized the “Vegas Lip Method” for creating beautiful, lip filler enhancements.